Vocational Skill Practical Training

This weekend, EUROCASH1, one of the fastest growing security companies in Lithuania, held annual vocational skill practical training for staff where members of collection and rapid response crews deepened their theoretical and practical knowledge in professional tactics, teamwork, defence and proactive behaviour in extreme situations.

“This training programme is developed by high-level professionals. Shooting peculiarities in a teamwork, a sudden assault resistance, tactical principles of using special measures, various simulations – these are just a few of topics covered in this practical training. For us, this is an invaluable experience and knowledge,” says Deputy Director of EUROCASH1 Zilvinas Andrulis.

According to Z. Andrulis, the practical training of such level is a prerequisite for professional development. “An expertise is not a finite thing, so, employees with years of experience in security systems must constantly self-improve and upgrade their skills,” says the company’s representative.

Instructors of the training are experts of the Lithuanian National Guard Association (LNGA) with international qualifications.