Robber arrested in Vilnius

On 29 May in Vilnius, the Central Surveillance Panel received a signal on assault at a property located in Stikliu street. According to the employee, who has pressed the emergency button, the robber pocketed 500 LTL from a cash register. An arrived security guard watched a video record which helped to capture the robber’s face, and left for patrolling potential places of the offender’s visit. Within less than half an hour, the robber was detected by the EUROCASH1 security guard, arrested nearby the train station, and handed over to the police. “The employee, who demonstrated the initiative and ingenuity, was undoubtedly awarded with a cash bonus,” said EUROCASH1 Physical Security Manager R. Jasiulis.


Other news: On Sunday afternoon, EUROCASH1 guards, who were securing Kaunas shopping centre “Akropolis”, arrested the suspected telephone fraudsters.

Other news: The Competition Council imposed a fine of over 57 mln Litas on the safety service “G4S Lietuva” and three major Lithuanian banks.