In Kaunas “Akropolis”, a suspected phone fraud gang got caught

On Sunday afternoon, EUROCASH1 guards, who were securing Kaunas shopping centre “Akropolis”, arrested the suspected phone fraudsters. The young people were detained by the shopping centre security guards while swindling an elderly woman out of nine thousand Litas.
“Our security guards noticed three suspiciously behaving guys by the shopping centre area at about 3 p.m. Suspicion of the security personnel has arisen by a strange behaviour of the youth. These people kept talking mobile phones, wandered around the shopping centre’s stores with apparently no intention to buy anything. Sometimes they got together, and at some moments they acted as if not knowing each other,” told “Eurocash1” Security Service Director Vytautas Labeckas.
According to V. Labeckas, security guards have used video cameras to capture as once one of the youngsters received a call by a mobile phone, he quickly moved to the exit of the shopping centre and met the elderly woman there. Meanwhile, the other two suspects hurried to a car at the parking of the shopping centre.
The security guards were watching as a young man, who stayed at the shopping centre, put the met woman on his mobile phone and then took a stack of cash from her. The security personnel’s suspicions got strengthened by the fact that the woman looked terrified and gave the money at the shopping centre entrance rather than at the nearby bank.

A security guard, followed by the duty regulations, came around to the woman to ask if everything was okay. She explained to have received a call from a stranger. As the caller told the woman's grandson had got in trouble in Norway, so, she had to pay 9 thousand Litas.
The female confirmed to the security guard to have already handed in the money to the stranger. The guards, who have suspected the extortion by trick, promptly arrested the young man who took the money.
One of the guy's accomplices, who was waiting in the car, was arrested as well; the other one managed to escape. However, after finding out that none of the arrested ones had a car key, the car was further monitored by video cameras. In the evening, upon triggering of the car alarm, the security guards captured a stranger, getting into the car, and arrested him.
All the young arrestees were handed over to Kaunas city Santaka police headquarters.